Andy Jones; Positive. Dynamic. Leader.

For 8 years I have been privileged to serve the community as the Chairman of the Colorado River Sewer System Joint Venture Board of Directors. During that time it was my pleasure to work directly with Andy Jones, the General Manager of the Joint Venture.  Andy has proven himself to be an able and effective leader and administrator.  I believe Andy's leadership would take La Paz County in the right direction.

Charles Cruise, Chairman, Joint Venture Board of Directors

I have known Andy Jones for the past 18 years.  While in the United States Air Force we worked on critical electrical systems for the Titan 4 space launch program.  We were responsible for providing electrical power for the first Titan 4 launch from the west coast.  This launch directly impacted the national security of the United States.  I know that Andy has the ability and integrity to provide outstanding leadership for La Paz County.

John R. Dick, Jr., SMSgt, USAF (Ret)

I have known Andy Jones for close to 30 years. He has always proven to be an honest individual. He has genuine concerns for his family, friends, neighbors and the community he has grown-up loving. Anyone who knows Andy knows he is very intelligent and has great work ethics. He also has a good perception regarding business matters. I know Andy will shine in any endeavor he participates in and he will serve the community well. If you want to improve your community, I recommend you elect Andy Jones.

Boris Roberts

 I was surprised when I heard that Andy Jones was running for La Paz County District 1 Supervisor.  I have known Andy for over 15 years, dating back to when we served in the United States Air Force together. 

Andy isn't one to play politics or mince words; he is someone that you can count on to shoot it to you straight.  Honesty and integrity aren't buzz words for him, but the foundation by which Andy has established his relationship with his community.  We don't see that very often today... especially in the political arena.  That's why I found it odd that Andy would run for office.  Why bother with it?

After speaking with Andy, and reading about what has transpired with the sitting County Supervisors, it all made sense to me. 

It's not about the politics, it's about doing right by your community.  It's about seeing a problem with your local government and reaching the point where you need to stand up and do something about it.

People talk about change... but it takes a person willing to put themselves out there to make that change happen.  To stand up for what is right, to make sound decisions, and to be an effective leader. I have absolutely no doubt that Andy Jones can do that for La Paz County.


Mark D. Baumgartner





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