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The La Paz County Fair and Parker South.

The La Paz County Board of Supervisors started negotiating a lease arrangement with the Bureau of Land Management a few years back in the attempt to secure a site for a maintenance facility and fairground. Our current district 1 supervisor was very active in this endeavor and today we are looking at holding the La Paz County Fair on a sand dune 12 miles from its’ historic location. Two very serious issues come to mind. First is the water situation. Because the new fair site is within the boundaries of the Town of Parker it is subject to Parkers' water allocation. More on that below. Secondly I believe that the La Paz County Fair is significantly tied to the Colorado River Indian Tribes. They have hosted the fair since the beginning. Moving the fair away from its’ strongest supporter and arguably its’ greatest contributor hardly makes sense at all. In my humble opinion this is a slap to the face of the Tribes that for so long have graciously hosted our fair. I am astonished that our district 1 supervisor not only stood by and watched this occur, but INSISTED it occur. I believe that the Tribes have donated to the fair these many years land, water, labor, support, blood, sweat, tears and love. To be treated in this manner to me demonstrates the true current feelings of our district 1 supervisor. Then why is the fair moving to Parker South? Out of his district? Why would he allow this? Where was the fight? Sorry to say my friends but as we went about our daily activities these last few years our supervisor was working to take our fair from us. That is the sad fact. He has an interest in Parker South that is greater than his interest in the folks of district 1. His number is 669-6115. Ask for Gene. The "BIG LIE GUY". 




The Facts about the water in Parker South.

For almost 11 years I have been working with the water situation in Parker South. I have approached the Town Council members, Town Managers, Town Public Works Directors ect. ect.. I have co-ordinated 3 meetings between the Town (staff and Council Members) and the U.S. Department of Reclamation here in Parker over the last 10 years. So, here is the story. When the Town of Parker decided to annex Parker South they overlooked one very important fact. The water. Sure there is water out there. Alot of it. Only one little hitch. The U.S. Geological Survey did a very important study a few years ago and came to the conclusion that a vast majority of that water is recharged from the River. Therefore when the water level drops to a pre-determined level known as the ACCOUNTING SURFACE (aka BRIGHT LINE) that water would then be counted against the Town's water allotment from the Colorado River. Yup. And at last count the water level in Parker South was less than 30 feet from that ACCOUNTING SURFACE. What does that mean? Well the Town has an annual allotment of Colorado River water of 1660 Acre Feet per year. The Town currently uses around 900 Acre Feet per year. That means that after the ACCOUNTING SURFACE is breached (less than 30 feet) Parker South will have approximately 760 Acre Feet of water per year to develop an area roughly 10 TIMES the size of Parker! The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation has already stated that no more water from the River is available. So what is the answer? The Town either needs to pray that the water level doesn't drop (based on well pumping data it will) or get more water.

County Administrator

Arguably the most important job of our Supervisors is hiring a competent, experienced County Administrator. The last time we did that was 2002. His name was Huey Long and he lasted around 2 years. Unfortunately, due to micro-management by the supervisors, Huey is no longer with us. Instead he is doing a great job in Safford. In the mean time we have one person acting as an Interim County Administrator/Elections Director AND Clerk of the Board. Sound like a conflict of interest to you? Does to me. The person counting the votes works directly for the one that is trying to get re-elected.   




 The Great Yakima Debacle

Where do we begin with this. How about the contract? The contract the County had with the Yakima company contained a provision (Section 18) that gave the County 3 years to look for another location within the Couny to relocate the Yakima Biosolids operation. If, after 3 years, the County was unable to find another location then the Yakima Company would have to leave. Period. No lawsuit needed. So why then did the County engage in a lawsuit costing over a million tax payers dollars? I sure don't know. I guess we would have to ask the Supervisors. But one thing is sure. The County LOST. To the tune of 9.2 million dollars. Plus $800,000 in attorneys fees. And when you loose a judgement in Arizona the law says you accrue 10% interest on your money until paid. That means that the Yakima Company gets $2520 and change PER DAY added to the award unless overturned. To date that amounts to more than $756,000 added to the amount La Paz County lost on September 4th 2007. Now it seems to me that a Supervisor would have considered the possible down sides to a lawsuit and just decided to let the 3 years go by and let Yakima leave. Maybe our Supervisors just didn't know. Maybe they didn't care. In my humble opinion they were just too egotistical, power hungry and self centered to care. Our tax dollars. Our lawsuit. Our loss. A La Paz County jury found against their OWN COUNTY to the tune of 9.2 MILLION DOLLARS. I believe these folks were honest, hard working and dedicated Americans that were presented with overwhelming evidence the County screwed up. And they decided on the merits of the evidence presented. Of course our current District 1 Supervisor views their verdict as "erroneous". I would suggest that to avoid "erroneous" verdicts one would avoid "erroneous" lawsuits.

Gene didn't do it!

Wow! Who missed the Parker Pioneer back cover ad by Gene? Gene implies there is a "BIG LIE" . Unfortunately the "BIG LIE" is being told BY Gene! First off, "sludge" is NOT "treated human waste" as Fisher implies. As a certified Arizona Department of Environmental Quality  Grade 4 Wastewater Treatment operator I can tell you that 99% of "sludge" is the dried bodies of the micro organisms used to TREAT human waste. Thats right, sludge is a by product of the sanitary sewage treatment process. We can't treat sewage without sludge. Sludge is the key component in the "Activated Sludge" treatment process. And Gene drives by it every day. The Joint Venture is the biggest sludge producer in La Paz County and in my 10 years as the leading sewage expert in La Paz County Fisher has NEVER stopped by to ask me about sludge. Yet Gene has instigated a lawsuit costing MILLIONS of tax payer dollars and today STILL does not know what sludge is. Seem odd to you? Does to me. Gene STILL does not know what sludge is. And yet can spend a MILLION bucks of our money senselessly pursuing a vindictive bogus lawsuit! And when he loses he calls the judgement "erroneous". Get the facts. Click Here.


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